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10 Most Affordable Extreme Things To Do Before You Die

10 Most Affordable Extreme Things To Do Before You Die
- by Nelson Doyle, Oct 10, 2007

Wow, get an adrenaline rush without having to sell your firstborn to go on a vacation of a lifetime.
Everyone deep down inside wants to experience the thrills of adventure before they die and these “10 most affordable extreme things to do before you die” are the ultimate adventures for the average person. Staring death in the face does not have to cost you your firstborn child anymore.

NASCAR is considered to be one of the most widely viewed sporting competitions in the USA and due to its popularity a cottage industry was created to fuel the ultimate fan demands. Now fans can visit a racing school to learn how the car(s) work and learn how to actually drive them under racing conditions. After several hours of classroom time and a few quick laps around the racetrack with an instructor, then you will be let loose on the track to take your solo laps. Can you even imagine the pure excitement you will get pushing the petal to the metal and racing around the racetrack at 160 mph.
There are racing schools located all over the United States and prices do vary depending on which racing package that the customer chooses. Prices typically range from $399.00 (8 laps) - $2899.00 (100 solo laps) and there is even a package for the people who would prefer to ride and not do any driving starting at $129.00.
This extreme sport is not only affordable, but also extremely dangerous in an exciting way.

Skydiving is a high-speed aerial sport that exposes its participants to the real risk of injury and death, however it is this kind of risk coupled with the sensation of diving towards the earth at over 200 mph makes this extreme sport worth doing.
Prices do vary depending on what package the client selects, but you can expect to cough up about $85 to $200 (for a static line jump) and up to $300 for a tandem jump (that's with an instructor attached to your back). Skydiving equipment, airplane ride and instruction is usually included in these prices. Always ask travel agents or skydiving instructors about all associated costs before reserving a seat on the plane.

Bloukrans is the largest and highest bridge in Africa, the third highest bridge and the largest single span arch bridge in the world. The Guinness World Records has recognized the Bloukrans Bridge as the Highest Commercially Operating Bungee in the World suspended at 216 meters (708.6614 feet) over the Bloukrans River.
Bungee jumping from these heights requires a life and death attitude even before stepping out onto the specially designed catwalk located just beneath the road surface. Whether you decide to make the leap on your own accordance or you are like me and will need a gentle nudge off of the platform, the heart-pounding rush of adrenaline must be unimaginably freeing to the soul.
Taking a leap of faith like this is not all that expensive if you are already visiting Africa. Again, prices do very depending on which package is selected, but an inexpensive package generally starts at R580.00 (USD $85.08466 currency rate on October 09, 2007).
More about this bridge, then checkout this site that I had found while doing research. After I discovered David Barrett's website and blog, I was totally impressed and engaged with his travels and experiences that he shares with the world.

If you are a boating enthusiast, then taking a Shot Over Jet Boat Ride is absolutely an insane water thrill ride. The Shot Over Jet Boat hydroplanes across water only a few inches deep, barely avoiding sharp rocks and canyon walls all the while reaching top speeds of 55 mph. You tell me that this ride would not be a total mind-blowing ride of a lifetime.
Not including travel expenses to New Zealand, reserving a seat on board a Shot Over Jet Boat starts at $69.00 (for children 5 to 15 years old) and $109 (For Adults) and for more information go to

Whitewater rafting is one of the most thrilling water activities on the planet. The Ocoee River is no tame beast by any stretch of the imagination as rafters are repeatedly faced with a new set of terrifying challenges around every bend. Experienced whitewater rafters are the only ones allowed to paddle this river solo and everyone else must attend a short safety course usually lasting about one-hour, then everyone is issued life jackets and paddles, before boarding the raft. A raft can carry 6 or 7 people including the river guide, but some outfitters do have larger boats that carry more people.
“The Ocoee River offers two separate sections of big waves, large drops and surging whitewater. This Tennessee River was the site for the whitewater canoe and kayaking events of the 1996 Olympic games. The Ocoee River produces the most continuous stretch of Class III and IV rapids of any river in the country”, according to Rolling Thunder River Company.
Price Range: $38.00 per person to $80.00 per person (depending on package type)

Hiking in general is not considered to be an extreme sport, but that old clique goes right out the window as soon as hiking the entire distance of the Appalachian Trail comes into play. The Appalachian Trail covers a distance of 2,175 miles from Maine to Georgia and hiking the entire length of the trail is a mammoth feat of endurance and skill. Hiking this distance usually takes six months navigating various types of terrains and overcoming all that Mother Nature has to throw at you along the way. Only 1 out of every 4 hikers ever finish this extreme hiking experience.
Depending on how much hiking and camping gear that the hikers already own, then the cost of this trip will vary from $3000.00 to $5000.00 per individual hiker to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. Along the trail hikers can visit towns and cities that dot the landscape and take a hot shower, purchase more supplies and send out mail.

Flying like a bird and soaring through the sky while skillfully navigating the unseen wind is one of the coolest places to be. Hang gliding is a sport that can cost an estimated $6000.00 in training to gain the required skills to fly as high as 10,000 feet, but there are places around the country that offer tandem flights for as little as $120.00. This is an adventure that will deliver the adrenaline at an affordable price.

This is undeniably one of the most insanely fast land sports (without wheels) that an individual can do. Blazing across a frozen lake bed at speeds approaching 100 mph riding on nothing more than a blade-supported sailboat, just a few inches from the ground sounds frighteningly exciting. Let's not even think about wiping out at these high speeds.
Equipment Rental Price Range: $50.00 (half-day rental) - $120.00 (full-day rental)

Whoosh to the right and swoosh to the left and lift-off over that slope. Tuck the arms in and bend the legs and speed over the cold, white snow at over 60 mph. Ok, maybe not that fast just starting out, but plenty of spills along the way while getting use to your ski legs. The great thing about skiing is that there is a bunny hill for the beginners and that there will always be that one guy who will blindly try the big hill, before he's ready. Look out for that tree!
Price rates vary according the ski package selected. Skiing still decently affordable for most middle income Americans and tourists.

We have all seen those crazy people who chase after devastatingly powerful tornados and storms. Usually parked a few hundred yards from an approaching funnel cloud, then slowly and suddenly a tornado starts to twist the storm clouds about and the mighty wind bouts about everything that stands in its way. Now this experience can be yours for the low price of $2500 for 6 fun-filled days of tempting fate one tornado at a time.
Yes, it is totally true. There are several companies on the Internet that offer storm chasing tours that are designed for the public. Of course, these are professional storm chasing outfits and safety is the number one goal, so relax and enjoy a storm.

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