Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How to Package Your Passion Into Your Adventure Travel Tours? - by Joyce Leong

Ideas to help you on thinking and planning for your adventure travel vacation.

People often ask: What would you think of a certain adventure travel tour? But it order to answer to this question, you will need to boil down to one thing: What is your definition of adventure?

If you were to flip through and look into the dictionary for the meaning of adventure, you will find out that it could mean anything from an unusual or exciting experience to taking a bold risk just for fun. Though everyone's idea of adventure is different, but it should not be deviate too far from the explanation.

What is Your Definition of Adventure Travel Tour?
So, the first step is to identify what adventure means to you? Like I said, everyone's definition of adventure is not going to be similar. A person may think that having to tour around haunted houses or bird watching is an adventure, while others may think that sky diving or bungee jumping can be considered as an adventure. Hence it is pretty much on how you would definite your adventure which may be different from others.

What is Your Passion?
Before getting too far, ask yourself what is your passion? What would you like to do? Think for a moment, what would you think of as a passion that is appealing enough to turn into an adventurous vacation?
Let's say for an example, if you love to go trekking. And most often, you would only be going hiking in the forest of your state or within your country. This is your passion. How about having it together with your vacation, going beyond the forests in your country? It is going to be a different experience altogether.

Packing Your Passion With Adventure Travel Vacation
Now you have found exactly what your passion is, we will translate this passion into an adventure travel tour. Here are some examples that you could take into consideration for your adventure travel package.

If you love backpacking, your adventure could take you into Appalachian Mountains or even to Machu Pichhu in Peru.
If you are into archaeological or culinary interests, you can take up adventure travel tours to the ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico, or exploit on the cooking classes on a vineyard tour in France.
Now, if these do not interest you, and being a sporty person, you prefer more exciting and thrilling action adventure travel tours, these are what you can think of - extreme sports adventure travel tours.
How about going for a ride against the white water rapids at the Colorado River? Otherwise, think about the excitement that you are going to get from the cage diving with Great White sharks in Australia or Africa.
Regardless of your, your interest is, adventures that you would like to venture, or extreme sport that you like to try out, there is always an adventure waiting just for you.

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