Friday, November 30, 2007

Kaiga Trip - Three Water falls, Forest, Nuclear Plant...

Route :- Karwar-40km-Kadra-5km-Mallapur-16km-Kaiga -via-Hartuga-15km-Baare-6km-Maavalli(Yellapur Taluk)

It had rained the preceding night, when at 3a.m. my friend Devrath Hanehali, Devu for short, landed up at Karwar Railway Station, for this visit. Left Karwar with a tank full petrol in my LML Vespa NV at 9-15a.m. Stopped at Gotegali village to view a bunch of kids enjoying their holidays, flying a kite, and then headed through Kadra village took the Kaiga Cross at Mallapur. Reached the Kaiga Check Post, where one road heads into the Nuclear Power Plant and the other heads up the hills to Maavalli, which is the subject of this trip. One has to pass before the Kadra Dam, and

After a brief "check-up" with the Police at the check post, we started up the hill on the Vespa....
We saw this view of the Nuclear Power Plant from the top... Looks so insecure, if this is what our system means by "National Security" then breaching it may be kids'play.. It is said that the road will be widened for free movement of traffic, and then God save us from Terror threats !!
The Road is a single Road, ravaged by heavy rainfall, and as one heads up the road, you can come across three water-falls on the road side, and one huge waterfall that is slightly down the road. The place is infested with blood-sucking Leeches, that appear from nowhere to draw blood, and you wont even know it.

Along the road you can find three pristine waterfalls, and as you near the peak of the mountain, there is a huge waterfall that you will come to know by hearing its roar... Devu had been to this waterfall even before the Nuclear Power Plant was completed, and this is said to be visible from the Plant. The Views there are capable to making it to your Desktop Screens as wallpapers. Such is the pristine greenery and natural beauty of the Rain Forest.
As you reach the plateau (main land) you are immediately greeted by paddy fields (it was October) and then later the Village starts. This is a massive country-side house that we came across just beside the Road. The house not less than 4000sq.ft carpet area is owned by a Farmer - Bella Kunabi. Check out the slide show for more pictures of the house.


catherine said...

Thank you for this beautyful description!
My husband is leaving Paris tomorrow to Kaiga.
This plant seemed to me an unknowned place, in the meedle of nowhere.
I know, with your album, it is in the meedle of a paradise.

catherine said...

Excuse me: in the middle!